Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis Management

Before puberty, children's rhinitis must be properly treated to prevent adult rhinitis.

Since rhinitis is a disease that repeatedly improves and worsens depending on the environment or condition, symptoms can be improved by improving and managing the lifestyle

Causes and types of rhinitis

Chronic Rhinitis

 If rhinitis occurs repeatedly due to a cold or bacterial infection
 When the body's immunity decreases and the inflammation in the nasal passage does not heal
 When there is an abnormality in the structure of nasal cavity and rhinitis is caused by it

Allergic Rhinitis

 The nasal mucosa is inflamed by certain substances such as house dust mites, pollen and mold.
 Symptoms of nasal congestion as well as continuous sneezing or runny nose

Vascular Rhinitis

 Vascular rhinitis is the rhinitis with symptoms caused by unspecified external factors.
 Symptoms appear due to climate change, smoke, food, alcohol, stress and etc.

How to manage the allergic rhinitis

  • It is recommended to sun dry the child's clothes and beddings.
  • A runny nose contains substances that protects the nasal mucosa, so frequent nose inhalation is not recommended.
  • If your nose is stuffy, run a little saline solution and use a cotton swab to remove the softened snot.
  • Keep the humidity at 50-60 degrees and the temperature at 22 degress.
  • Fence it with a blanket to keep the child from sticking to the wall while sleeping
  • Wearing the mask can help keep your respiratory tract warm and block allergens.
  • It is recommended to purify the remaining air by circulating the air through indoor ventilation.
  • It is recommended to manage the bedding, carpet, fabric and etc to prevent dust from forming throughout the house.
  • Regularly rinsing the inside of the nose with a saline solution can help improve and prevent nasal diseases.
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