Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis Treatment

Before puberty, children's rhinitis must be treated to prevent the adult rhinitis

The number of children suffering from rhinitis is increasing as many children become weak due to fine dust, unusual cold waves, heat waves and nutritional imbalances. It is recommended to improve the symptoms of rhinitis in children before puberty so that the child can grow up healthy without discomfort or difficulty in daily life, learning and growing.

How to treat allergic rhinitis

Pre-survery and preliminary examination

It is introduced so that the child can fully understand the important contents of the treatment before it is performed. This can clearly establish the direction and plan of the treatment.

Blood Test

This is a test to check for allergens. Representatively, there are MAST test and CAP test, which vary depending on the situation, but we mainly implement the CAP test with high accuracy.

Lifestyle Education

In some cases, improvement can be clearly seen with lifestyle education alone, so rhinitis-related lifestyle education is provided separately.

What is Histobulin Injection?

It produces an antibody against histamine secreted in the body during an allergic reaction to neutralize its action. This injection can be effective regardless of the type of allergen.

Advantage of Histobulin Injection

1  It has relatively few side effects compared to other immunotherapy.

2  It is economical because the number of injection is small. Indemnity insurance also applies.

3  It is effective not only for rhinitis, but also for chronic cough and asthma.

[Caution]  Please inform us in advance because it is difficult to get the injections if you have any of the following.

- If you have severe asthma attacks
- If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant
- If you are menstruating or just before the onset of menstruation
- If your physical condition is very weak or the immune system is suppressed
- If it has been less than 3 months since you received a live vaccine or if you are planning to receive a live vaccine.

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