Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis Test

The atopy can be caused by the state of immunity, allergy and skin barrier.

Allergic Rhinitis has three main symptoms: a watery runny nose, sneezing and stuffy nose, and it shows distinct nasal prognosis. There is a limit to see with naked eyes, so you can use a nasal endoscope to view the entire nasal passages and determine whether or not allergic rhinitis is present. In general, the dark pink, fairly hard-looking nostrils (turbine) look very pale in terms of allergic rhinitis. When its firmness is broken down and it is visible that it can become the fluid or swollen like jelly even with a small pressure. Additionally, even a small stimulus during dressing stimulates the nerve endings in the nose, which causes the sneezing. Other distinctive external prognosis include dark circles and wrinkles on the nose bridge caused by frequent rubbing of the nose.

Objective examination of Allergic Rhinitis

Body Mass Test The exterior body test is a type of blood test. There are two types: a test to determine the total amount of allergen antibody (IgE) in the blood, and a test to determine the amount of specific antibody to a specific antigen. In general, the MAST test, which is commonly performed, has the advantage of being able to test for various antibodies, but there is a problem of reliability because the accuracy is quite low. At Min & Min Clinic, we mainly perform CAP tests. Its characteristic is that the results will not be affected even if you are taking the medication. The number of tests is limited, so you have to be careful in selecting them according to your age and situation.
Body Test
Prick Test
The test can be checked in 15 minutes and it can be perfomed using one arm, and even children who are afraid of the blood tests can easily test it. The simple skin test is a method to test whether the antigen-antibody reaction occurs in the body to the antigen to the arm and apply slight stimulation with a plastic needle. If the area stimulated with a specific antigen (typically house dust, mite, etc) turns red and slightly swollen. The size determines which antigen you are allergic to. However, since it is affected by antihistamines such as urticaria and runny nose medications, it is recommended to stop taking the medications for at least a week.

어른과 다른 아이의 콧속 구조, 시기별 맞춤 치료가 필요합니다.

아기들은 부비동의 해부학적인 구조가 완성되지 않아 비갑개(코의 뚜껑)가 붓거나 가라앉으면서 외부 공기의 출입을 조절합니다.
또한 점막의 방어 능력이 약해서 점액(콧물, 침, 가래) 분비를 늘려 노폐물을 씻어내기도 합니다.
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