Atopy Personalized Treatment

As the atopy has many different causes, it is necessary to analyze the overall living environment, eating habits, and lifestyle for a long time.

Unlike other common cold enteritis, patients with atopic dermatitis often have a very long course of illness. As the causes are very diverse, it is necessary to analyze the living environment, eating habits and lifestyle over a long period of time. However, it is difficult to expect detailed treatment due to the time constraints. Due to this, frustrated parents go from hospital to hospital to do the doctor shopping. If you treat a patient without knowing what kind of treatment the patient has received at the previous hospital and what progress has been made, it may result in steroid abuse by prescribing duplicate drugs.

Min & Min atopic dermatitis treatment

Skin Reaction Test

Not all children need to do it, but there are cases when the testing is necessary. A simple skin test is also being prepared for young friends who are afraid of blood tests.

Blood Test

This is a test to identify the atopic causative agent. Representatively, there are the MAST test and the CAP test, which vary depending on the situation, but we mainly implant the CAP test with high accuracy.

Lifestyle Education

In some cases, improvement is clearly seen with lifestyle education alone, so we offer the atopy-related lifestyle education separately and prescribe moisturizers or bandages such as ComfiFast.

Sterilization Regeneration Laser & Laser Therapy

It is a new treatment for Atopic Dermatitis that can be treated without drugs. Currently, it is one of the key treatments of Min & Min Clinic.

We look at the forest, not the trees, in detail and attentiveness, and provide effective customized treatment, not mechanical treatment.
The power to take care of the environment and overcome it yourself, the Min & Min Clinic Daechi Branch is with you.

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