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As the atopy has many different causes, it is necessary to analyze the overall living environment, eating habits and lifestyle for a long time.

Atopic dermatitis patients often have a very long course of illness, unlike other cold enteritis. As the causes are very diverse, it is necessary to analyze the living environment, eating habits, and lifestyle in general over long period of time, but it is difficult to expect detailed treatment due to time constraints in the actual hospital. Because of this situation, frustrated parents go from hospital to hospital to do doctor shopping. If you treat a patient without knowing what kind of treatment you have received at the previous hospital and what progress has been made, it may result in steroid abuse by prescribing the drug over and over again.

Homecare Method

Bathing Various waste products accumulated on the skin everyday cause irritation of the skin. Countless of dead keratin cells that are invisible to our body fall out every day. We also perspire every day. Various types of dust, such as fine dust and yellow dust, may also stick to our body. Not only that, but a lot of bacteria and viruses are attached to it. Unfortunately, all of these pollutants cause the irritation to our skin. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bath to remove all the contaminations before going to bed. If you only bathe with water, it is difficult to sufficiently wash these contaminants away. Therefore, it is more preferable to use an appropriate cleaning product. Choosing the right cleaning agent is important. However, most solid soaps are alkaline. According to the Atopic Column 2, Skin Barrier, it was mentioned that normal skin has a slightly acidic PH of about 5.5, whereas the atopic skin is neutral, so Staphylococcus aureus infection is easier. It is essential to use weak acidic cleaning product to change the skin environment to the acidic one to prevent the infection.
Moisturization Moisturization that prevents moisture loss from the skin

In the normal skin barrier, dead keratinocytes are piled up one after another, and lipid components hold them together like cement. In general, normal skin does not become very dry except in very cold and dry winters because there are enough lipids produced in the body even if you do not need to moisturize. However, the skin barrier is damaged due to various causes, such as the mutation that causes the loss of function of the filaggrin gene that produces the protein that holds the keratinocytes, a decrease in ceramide that reduces lipid between keratinocytes to fall off. In the case of weakened atopic dermatitis patients, if the lipids are not supplemented from the outside, moisture is easily taken away.

Moisturization to prevent external contaminants from entering

Unlike the skin barrier in non-patients, the skin barrier in patients with atopic dermatitis is not firmly connected, so the moisture inside the skin dries out easily External contaminants and allergens easily penetrate and fall into a vicious cycle of worsening the skin. Sufficient moisture is essential for atopic dermatitis to build up the skin barrier.

Moisturization to reduce the itchiness and medication usage

Moisturizing improves various symptoms of atopic dermatitis, such as itching, erythema, skin cracks, and lichenification. Adequate hydration helps to reduce the use of drugs such as steroids. Therefore, moisturizing is recognized as a prevention and treatment beyond the simple management of atopic dermatitis. How much moisturizer should you apply? In general, moisturizing 2-3 times per day is recommended. However, in cold and dry seasons like winter, it dries faster, so it is recommended to increase the number to 4-5 times. It is also recommended to apply 4-5 times or more frequently to inflamed or dry areas. It is good to apply the whole body 2-3 times and 4-5 times on the good part. We suggest using 200ml of moisturizer per week for small children. That's quite a lot. Adults are advised to use 250-500ml per week.
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