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Breast Pain

Breast pain while breastfeeding

When you are breastfeeding, you may experience sudden and severe chest pain. Breast congestion or mastitis, which is common symptoms during breastfeeding, is often the cause.

The types of breast pain

Mammary Gland Breast congestion is a symptom in which the breast milk remaining in the breast gradually fills up, hardens and turns red when the baby does not consume enough breast milk. The pain is quite severe and it swells up hard, making it more difficult for the baby to suck. If it is left unattended, the symptoms will gradually worsen. At this time, as long as the child eats well, it can be released more easily than you think. In order for the baby to eat well, it is usually better if warm compresses are applied before feeding, and cold compresses are applied after feeding for a sufficient amount of time.
Mastitis If the breast congestion does not resolve, the mastitis may develop. It is characterized by severe pain when the baby is sucking. In severe cases, the body may have a fever and may be mistaken for the flu. In this case, the antibiotics must be prescribed by the hospital. There are antibiotics that can be breast-fed, so please take a prescription and continue breastfeeding.
Candida Mastitis Candida Mastitis, which is characterized by severe pain after breastfeeding, a tingling sensation like electricity when rubbed, and pain extending to the shoulder, may occur. It is more likely to occur when the breasts are constantly exposed to a moist environment due to high milk supply. It is helpful to avoid the use of disposable feeding pads as much as possible and to change the feeding pads frequently. Wearing a loose-fitting cotton tee for ventilation also helps. It is treated with an antifungal ointment, and you must make sure that the baby's mouth does not have thrush.
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