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Worried about breastfeeding?

When many people who breastfeed with mixed formula, were asked why they decided to supplement with formula, they answer "I think the milk supply is sufficient. Unlike formula milk, breastfeeding does not know exactly how much milk comes out, and yet why do you think the amount of milk is insufficient?

Let's go over some of the most commonly mentioned causes

1 " I don't feel like my breasts are filled"
After giving birth, new breast milk begins to fill the breasts, which were not previously known as the breast milk, and even a very small amount of breast milk makes the breasts feel full. However, our body adapts quickly, so even if you gradually fill up a lot of breast milk, you may not feel as full as before.
2 "Baby only sucks for 4-5 minutes"
At first, obstetrics and gynecology center or postpartum care center must have taught you to breastfeed on both breasts for at least 15 minutes. However, considering that you are breastfeeding a baby up to two years old, it would be really difficult to spend 30 minutes at a time, 3-4 hours a day as a feeding time right? 15 minutes on both sides corresponds to the days of a weak newborn. For the child who eats quickly even after 2-3 months, can eat all within 5 minutes.
3 "Baby eats too often"
You need to make sure you are thinking that the baby is crying for something else not just because he is hungry. Also, there are people who touch their baby's corner of the mouth with their finger and judge that if the mouth follows, it means that he is hungry. However, when it is touched, the baby will always follow so if you feed your baby whenever he follows, he may become obese.
4 "I have been breastfeeding and it won't come out that much"
I sometimes pump the breast milk to measure the amount of milk, but the amount varies from time to time depending on the situation and mood. As the baby's sucking efficiency is better than the pumping that the amount the baby eats is larger than the amount that comes out of the breast pump. And stress is the biggest enemy of the breast milk! If you are anxious about the amount, only a little amount will come out.
5 "The baby does not suck well"
When the baby is having difficulty in breastfeeding, but eats well when the formula is given, it is necessary to check whether the frenulum attached to the bottom of the tongue is short

Let's learn about the smart mixed feeding method

1 Formula supplementation should be done immediately after the breastfeeding
The best way to increase the milk supply is to breastfeed frequently. If you breastfeed a lot at once, the breastfeeding interval will be too long, so the amount of breastmilk will inevitably decrease. It is important to feed first whenever your baby wants to eat
2 The amount of milk supplemented should be the minimum amount to the point where the child does not become hungry
If you breastfeed, your baby will have to suck hard, so the baby can eat as much as he is hungry and stop sucking whenever he is full that the amount can be controlled. However, if the baby is fed from the bottle, the milk will flow automatically without having to suck it too hard. So the baby ends up eating as much as he is given and may overeat. The baby may not want to eat for a while, but this is detrimental because it is done often and quickly increase the milk supply.
3 Use the breast pump wisely
You do not need to buy the breast pump, but if you do, it is helpful to pump out for one minutes on each side after each feeding. After the baby has eaten, the amount does not come out much but if you continue to stimulate it, the amount may increase. So use the pump with a light mind and save the extracted milk as the supplements instead of the formula.
4 Consult at the hospital
If your breast milk does not increase even in various ways, please consult with our Min & Min Clinic Daechi Branch. It is possible to treat a variety of lactation problems such as difficulty in lactation due to cataract, insufficient breast milk, and overnight feeding.
We look at the forest, not the trees, in detail and attentiveness, and provide effective customized treatment, not mechanical treatment.
The power to take care of the environment and overcome it yourself, the Min & Min Clinic Daechi Branch is with you.

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